About the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s School of Nursing

The College of Mount Saint Vincent’s School of Nursing derives its roots from the Vincentian message of the Sisters of Charity of New York. In 1817, the Sisters of Charity were sent from Maryland to NYC and began caring for orphans and building schools.

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In 1847, the Sisters founded the Academy of Mount Saint Vincent, a pioneer institution for women’s higher education in New York. This eventually transitioned into the College of Mount Saint Vincent, an institution renowned for providing a rigorous, high-quality, liberal arts education in NYC.

The Roots of NYC’s Leading Nursing School

The College of Mount Saint Vincent nursing school originally began as a program to aid the World War II efforts. In 1975, College of Mount Saint Vincent added the nursing program permanently.

Today, the College of Mount Saint Vincent nursing school is committed to equipping future nurses with skills in evidence-based practice, professionalism, leadership, collaboration, and communication to offer patient-centered care.

We have a history of launching more than 90 percent of our baccalaureate nursing students into careers within a year of graduation. So, when you enter our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Program, know that you have a promising career ahead of you.

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Mission of the School of Nursing

In keeping with the history, tradition, and mission of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, the mission of the School of Nursing is to educate and socialize students into the caring practice of the nursing profession. Baccalaureate and master’s graduates are prepared to provide holistic and compassionate care.

Our mission is carried out with a focus on academic and ethical development in a diverse and collaborative environment. The school cultivates in its graduates a respect and caring for the integrity of others, promotes a spirit of service and leadership, and fosters a commitment to life-long learning.

Why Choose the College’s Nursing School in NYC?  

As a Catholic institution, the College of Mount Saint Vincent nursing school believes loving our neighbors is key to our ministry and mission. Nurses contribute directly to their community and make a tangible difference in their patients’ lives. Here, we help you do just that. 

Our School of Nursing has a long history of preparing students with the highest quality education while also remembering the dignity and worth of every person. We will teach you to be a nurse who has excellent healthcare skills. And our longstanding excellence with a rigorous curriculum means that you will receive a top-quality nursing education.

Alongside your academic nursing education, we will also teach you to be a nurse with a strong commitment to human dignity and compassion. We stand strong in the belief that charity is an act of love between equals, living the motto: “Teach me goodness and discipline and knowledge.”

At the College’s Accelerated B.S. in Nursing program, we are as committed to your success as you are. We will support you at every step in your education.

Student Outcomes

See the latest data for how our programs prepare students for the NCLEX exam and for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Reach out to our admission counselors to learn more about the Mount advantage.

Please Note: The School of Nursing attempts to ensure timely execution of all published information, however, there is a possibility that some information is out of date. This applies to all nursing publications on our website. 

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