ABSN Prerequisites for the University of Mount Saint Vincent

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Our prerequisite courses include those from a variety of disciplines, mostly the sciences, and they ensure that no matter what field of study you earned your bachelor’s degree in, you have a firm scientific foundation. If you received a prior bachelor’s degree in science, then you may already have completed these prerequisites.

Check with your admission counselor to see if your prior courses will meet the prerequisite requirements at the University. If not, we will help you create a plan to finish them before starting your ABSN program.

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Required ABSN Prerequisites

To be considered for admission into the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s ABSN program, applicants should have successfully completed science prerequisite courses within the past five years with a grade of B or better. Each of the science prerequisites needs to have a lab associated with it.

You have the choice to complete prerequisites at the University, or you can choose to complete them at another accredited institution of higher learning. Make sure to talk with your admission counselor to ensure the institution is approved and the courses will be accepted by Mount Saint Vincent.

Depending on the nature of your previous degree, you may have already satisfied some or all of our prerequisite requirements. It’s important to contact an admission counselor early on, as they can tell you definitively whether your past credits will be accepted.

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Prerequisite Science Courses (require a grade B or higher)

  • General Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II
  • Microbiology
  • Psychology Across the Lifespan

Prerequisite Non-Science Courses (require a grade C or higher)

  • English language at the college level (college writing course)
  • Mathematics at the college level (statistics or calculus)

Prerequisite FAQs

Let’s walk through some of the common ABSN prerequisite questions so you can plan your nursing education at the University of Mount Saint Vincent. If you have any other questions, please reach out to an admission counselor.

Can the prerequisites be taken online?

If you have taken your prerequisite courses online or you plan to take remaining prerequisite courses online, these will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please talk with your admission counselor to review the courses you have taken and determine eligibility.

If some of my ABSN prerequisites have been taken over five years ago, would I have to retake them? Can I still apply?

We require prerequisite courses to have been taken within the last five years, so if it has been longer than five years, you will need to retake these courses.

If you’re waiting to finish prerequisites, we invite you to still apply to our program and provide proof that you are registered for the necessary courses (unofficial transcript). You will need to finish the prerequisites before starting your ABSN program, but we can provide an admission decision as long as we know you are on track to complete your prerequisites in time.

If I am in the process of completing the ABSN prerequisites, when will I know the admission decision?

When applications are under review for the term you’re applying for, and you have submitted your application along with all the necessary documents and proof that you are registered for any outstanding prerequisites, we will be able to provide you with an admission decision. This decision is dependent on you successfully completing these courses before the ABSN start date.

Where can I take the ABSN prerequisites if I need to complete them?

You have the choice of taking prerequisite courses at the University of Mount Saint Vincent as a non-matriculated student or at another college, university, or community college. The school must be an accredited institution of higher education. This must be done prior to beginning the ABSN program.

Before registering for courses at another institution, reach out to our admission team to make sure the credits will transfer.

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Learn More About ABSN Admission

Contact an admission counselor to learn more about the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s ABSN prerequisite courses or any of our other admission requirements. We are here to help you every step of the way on your journey to earning your BSN.