Admission Process for the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s ABSN Program

1. Speak with an Admission Counselor

When you reach out to our admission office through a contact form or via phone, we will pair you with a counselor. Your counselor will walk you through the step-by step process and help you navigate the admission process.

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2. Make an Academic Plan

Once you connect with an admission counselor, together we will go through your prior education to create a plan for completing any needed prerequisites. We will walk through all your prior courses and determine which ones transfer and which ones still need to be fulfilled.

We will then formulate the ideal start date and make a timeline to reach your goal. We will also guide you with any other requirements for admission.

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3. Complete Any Necessary ABSN Prerequisites

We encourage you to take any prerequisites through the University of Mount Saint Vincent. If you would like to take these courses at another institution, let your admission counselor know. We will help you make sure the other program is approved and the credits will transfer without any hiccups.

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4. Apply to Accelerated Nursing School

When it comes to actually applying to our accelerated BS in Nursing, here are the key points you should complete to be eligible for admission:

  • Complete the online application for admission to the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s Accelerated BS in Nursing program. Once you’ve completed your application, log into your online Student Portal to track the steps to complete the application process.
  • Submit one (1) letter of recommendation.
  • Submit an essay on why you wish to pursue a career in nursing. You can do this through the online application portal.
  • Send transcript(s) from each college or university attended.
    • Transcripts do not need to be official for application review. Unofficial PDF copies can be used for application review and credit evaluation.
    • If you have attended an international university and your transcript is not in an American format, please have the transcripts evaluated by a NACES accredited evaluation agency.
    • Official transcripts need to be submitted for the following:
      • To be awarded final credits for courses in progress at the time of application.
      • To remain enrolled in classes.
      • To have financial aid released to your student account.
      • Should official transcripts not be received by the end of the add/drop period, students will be removed from classes and will be liable to pay in full for educational services rendered.

Please Note: When applying for the ABSN program at the University of Mount Saint Vincent, we do not require standardized test scores for admission. 

Make sure to submit all application materials on time. Your admission counselor will keep you apprised of upcoming deadlines and incomplete applications. Remember that applications will not be considered for admission until all required documents have been submitted to the Office of Admission.

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Reach Out to Learn More

Contact us to learn more about the University of Mount Saint Vincent ABSN admission process. Our team is here to assist you with the admission process. Please reach out any time with questions. We love helping dedicated students get started in our ABSN program and begin their journey to a rewarding nursing career.