Why Become a Nurse in NYC

You may ask: Why become a nurse? Is nursing right for you? As a nurse, you will experience the intangible benefits of the career, including purpose, meaning, and impact. In addition, you can reap the tangible career benefits of being a nurse in New York, such as great compensation 19 percent above the national average for nurses, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. A career in nursing also provides varied job options and upward growth potential.

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At the University of Mount Saint Vincent, we have been called to shape the nurses of tomorrow. We believe nursing is a noble and rewarding career. With our 16-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, we will help you earn your BS in Nursing so you can start a worthwhile career.

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Why Nursing? Changing Lives is Meaningful Work

We live in a world where technology and the modern age pull people further apart. Through it all, nursing stands strong in the tradition of human connection. Nursing brings people back together. This career is personal. It’s about holding the hand of another human being and helping that person overcome health challenges.

People often choose nursing as a career because helping others brings them joy and satisfaction. You’d be hard-pressed to find another job that offers such fulfilling work. No matter where you work as a nurse, every day means more people to connect with and more people to support in their life journey.

Great nurses make a long-term impact on the lives of patients. When a nurse takes time to listen and care for a patient in a time of great need, that act is rarely forgotten. As a nurse, you can work in a field where your life gives meaning to the lives around you.

Nursing students practicing on a manikin

Is Nursing Right for You?

If you have a passion for human connection and building meaningful relationships in your work, nursing may be the right fit for you. At the University of Mount Saint Vincent, we are committed to teaching our ABSN students how to have excellent technical knowledge and skills while also treating patients with a caring and personal touch. 

When you earn your BS in Nursing and start working as a nurse, you become a part of something greater than yourself. Every day, you get to help people recover and overcome difficulty. Nurses play a vital role in the wellness of our community, and being a part of that is one of the career’s biggest rewards.

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Why Nursing is a Great Career Move

Nursing also offers valuable career benefits. Nursing not only offers the intangible qualities like purpose and fulfillment, but it is also a wise career move. There are many great aspects of a nursing career, including:

Good Compensation

Nurses make a competitive salary, especially those who earn a BS in Nursing. The average salary for an RN in the United States is $81,220 as of May 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. NYC is a prime place to become a nurse—the BLS reports the average salary for nurses in New York state as $100,130 as of May 2022.

Varied Job Options in NYC

As a nurse in NYC, you can work in varying settings and capacities depending on your interests and personality. If you are looking for a clinical role, you can choose between working in a hospital unit, emergency department, outpatient clinic, operating room, intensive care unit, children’s hospital, and so on.

You can tailor your clinical career to the specific patients and conditions you enjoy treating. If you love working with children with diabetes, you can be a nurse diabetes educator. If you prefer working with people after joint replacements, you can work in the orthopedics unit. If you prefer working in the community, you can also choose from many non-clinical roles.

Flexible Scheduling

Nursing is in such high demand that you can generally find a job with hours that match your needs. If you prefer to work daytime weekday shifts, you can work in a clinic, school, or outpatient care center. If you like night or weekend shifts, you can generally find an opening in the hospital, which needs staffing 24 hours a day.

Upward Job Mobility

If you desire career growth, nursing in NYC can offer many opportunities for climbing the ladder. Nurses with a BS in Nursing degree have the potential to move into management and administrative roles with healthcare organizations.

Perhaps you desire more independence as a practitioner. If so, getting a master’s degree in nursing is a worthwhile option. Master’s level programs include nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, and nurse midwife. These careers offer a major compensation jump, and they also allow you to have a larger role in creating care plans. If you would like to get an advanced degree, then earning a BS in Nursing is the ideal first step.

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Why Become a Nurse in New York City?

We are excited to share our home in NYC with you. We believe this city is the ideal place to launch your nursing career. Your clinical rotations as an ABSN student at some of the region’s top healthcare facilities will provide you with connections you can use to find a nursing job in NYC.

New York is also a diverse and bustling city, which means being a nurse here is especially valuable. You have myriad job options, and you can find the job that fits best with your personality and strengths. The BLS reports that the state of New York is the fourth largest employer of nurses in the U.S. As such, you will have ample job opportunities available to you.